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Having carpets in your home means that they are going to get walked on many times of the day which means that they are going to have dirt and grime ground into them. Your carpets are also going to have liquids and food spilled on them causing them to stain. If you have pets in your home they are also going to add to the stains and odors in your carpets. Though you can extend the look and feel of your carpet by vacuuming it often, there does come a time when you really need to get your carpets cleaned professionally to get them looking, feeling and smelling fresh once again. We at Organic Carpet Cleaning Norwood are dedicated to giving you the finest service at a very reasonable rate when it comes to getting your carpets cleaned professionally.

Our staff

We take pride in our staff of professional trained technicians who have been trained to high standards when it comes to carpet cleaning. We train our staff to handle the latest equipment, teach them to recognize the various stains and odors they would encounter and also train them as to which organic cleaners they should use in cleaning those stains and odors to get your carpets not only cleaned but also smelling and looking fresh.

The equipment

We know that when you use our service to have your carpets cleaned you expect the best. In order for us to be able to clean your carpets to your satisfaction we know that using the best equipment is the only way to get the job done right. We not only have the latest and best equipment available to get your carpets cleaned and looking and smelling fresh but our staff has been trained in the use of that equipment and know how to get the utmost out of it when it comes to cleaning your carpets.

The cleaning solutions we use

We know that you would not want toxic fumes and chemicals entering your home and harming your health. We also know that using toxic chemicals to clean your carpets would get them cleaned and looking fresh quickly saving us time and money. But we are more concerned that our cleaners do not harm you or your family while getting your carpets cleaned. We therefore train our staff in the use of organic solutions to clean your carpets. We train them in recognizing the material of your carpet and the different stains and as to which organic solution would do the best job to get rid of the stain, the odor while getting your carpet to its original state.

We at Organic Carpet Cleaning Norwood do both residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning. Give us a call at

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