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Having wooden or tiled floors in your home means that you can have area rugs spread out on them. Area rugs not only add color and look nice but can also protect your flooring, especially if you have them in areas which see much traffic. Area rugs also help when it comes to standing for periods of time on those hard floors by offering some cushioning. These area rugs need to be cleaned from time to time to have them looking nice since there is much dirt and grime which is ground into them due to being walked on or stood on. You can get them reasonably cleaned by hanging them and beating them to rid them of the dirt. But there does come a time when no matter how much you beat them they still do not look clean and they may also have stains due to spills and wet feet marking them. At this time you need to get them professionally cleaned to get them looking fresh and having a new look. We at Organic Carpet Cleaning Norwood are professionals at area rug cleaning. Our company is a licensed and fully insured company with a highly trained staff which uses the latest equipment and organic cleaners to clean your area rugs.

Types of area rugs we clean

We have the equipment and the staff to clean rugs made of all different types of materials, it does not matter whether you have a modern area rug or a family heirloom which was handed down to you. We have the equipment to clean with care without damaging your area rug. The types of area rugs we clean are:

  •   Persian
  •   Turkish
  •   Indian
  •   Japanese
  •   Silk
  •   Wool and wool blends
  •   Polyester and polyester blends
  •   Shag

Services we offer

When it comes to cleaning your area rugs, we offer two types of services. In the first case you could call us and set a time for our staff to come over to your home and clean the area rugs right there. But we know that you may have a busy schedule and may not have the time to wait at your home while our staff cleans your area rugs, so we offer you a second option whereby you could schedule a time where we could pickup your area rugs from your home and take them to our facility to be cleaned. You can then also schedule a time when we could drop off the cleaned area rugs at your home. This service is free and we only charge you for the rug cleaning and not for the pick up and delivery.

We at Organic Carpet Cleaning Norwood do both residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning. Give us a call at

or visit our web site at to find out how we could help you with getting your carpets cleaned.

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